The beginning

Textile tradition made in Spain

Cotoblau is a relatively young company, born in 2002, but its founder, Càndid Penalba Peiró, inherits a long tradition in home textiles that dates back to 1901 when his great-grandfather founded one of the first textile industries in the province of Valencia.

In this short period of time, Cotoblau has become the largest manufacturer of mattress covers and protectors in Europe. This success has been achieved thanks to constant investment in technology and R&D, helping us to maintain a greater specialisation in the product and a very high standard of quality. All this, together with the great team of professionals working in the company, contributes to a constant growth of the company.

In 2016 the company launched an ambitious project: to meet the demand of the mattress sector under the Kamasana brand. Today we have our own line of perfectly adaptable mattresses and pillows for all requirements.

Cotoblau Group

Through our brands Cotopur and Kamasana, we manufacture and market quality products for everyone, offering comprehensive care for rest.


A commitment to innovation and sustainability

At Cotoblau innovation is a must, our products are constantly evolving, with new fibres, treatments, properties and raw materials. Our R&D department, in collaboration with different technology centres and research institutes, ensures new and better products, processes, materials and technologies.

We belong to the United Nations Global Compact. We work with the world’s leading laboratories and collaborate closely with the Valencian Textile Institute AITEX.

Every year we test all the properties of our articles in the world’s leading laboratories and we achieve the highest levels of sustainability in the company.



Renewable energy



Official certificates



Solidarity actions


A brand that is committed to society

At cotoblau we not only manufacture products for rest and protection, but we also want to contribute to improving the society in which we live. That is why we integrate work-life balance and equality in our company, as reflected in the Equality Plan 2020 – 2024, which was approved and submitted for registration on 8 May 2020.

Similarly, we champion gender equality and empower all women in the workplace and professionally. Among our staff, women make up more than 75% of the total, and the average age is 45 years old, thus promoting job creation for a vulnerable group in our local community.

Furthermore, we consider the reconciliation of work and family life to be fundamental for all staff employed at Cotoblau, as most of them are families with 2 children between 7 and 14 years of age.


We keep growing as a brand and as a team

We are making great efforts to continue to grow despite the adversities. These efforts are reflected in job creation: while we closed 2019 with 212 employees, we closed 2020 with 245 employees.